Wiceceka Project: Human Trafficking Prevention

Rwandans like any other people in the rest of the world, suffer physically and psychologically during and after the transportation of victims of human trafficking to other parts of the world.

To support the Government of Rwanda, Delight Rwanda has initiated the WICECEKA project (Wiceceka means Don’t keep quiet) with the objective of creating Human Trafficking awareness in High schools and rehabilitating the vulnerable.

Delight Rwanda makes efforts to educate and sensitize the public to prevent and understand the forms and faces of Human Trafficking.

In addition, Delight Rwanda has set the mechanisms directed towards the reduction of poverty and unemployment among the youths, improve gender equality and educate the masses on cultural norms that may create and enabling the environment to prevent and report the Human Trafficking cases to the prior authorities.

Ignorance, poverty, family conflicts, and gender inequality have been found to be some of the key ‘push’ factors that drive individuals to seek economic opportunities elsewhere other than their Home Areas.