Unwanted Pregnancy for Teenagers

April 22, 2020 by in Awareness

Teenage Pregnancy remains the fact that high school dropout rate is augmenting in Rwanda. Through TURIKUMWE Project, we have learnt that most of young girls quit schools and get misunderstanding among their families.

TURIKUMWE project aims at providing the direct support for unwanted vulnerable who have been school dropout. Delight Rwanda gather information about the vulnerable and assist them to go back to school or providing the relevant technical skills.

Avoid unwanted pregnancy or unplanned pregnancies are in most cases associated with ignorance and drug abuse in particular in Rwanda. While such unplanned expectations are avoidable, it is likely to be an opposite case when one is under the influence.

Delight Rwanda provides mentorship for both parents and the unwanted pregnancy vulnerable and provide the necessary support. We also teach them to understand that early giving birth incidence is not the end of their dreams.

All we do to reach on our target goals is to educate the right decision for teenagers, keep the lines of communication open, keep trust to the both sides. We explain to them how to have self-control, to take care of the baby and how to say ‘no’ to any advances they may get from boys or men.

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