Unwanted Pregnancy prevention among the youths

April 22, 2020 by in Awareness


Anet Mbasinga: Head of Behavior Change Communication Program

At a recent campaign against unwanted pregnancies among young girls and fighting against domestic violence held at Maranyundo Girls School located at Bugesera District in Eastern Province, Anet Mbasinga the Head of Behavior Change Program at Delight Rwanda urged the students to play a big role to stop bad behavior leads them to acts of sexual intercourse and get pregnant.

The number of teenage pregnancies in various parts of the country shows how government and parents need to put in more efforts to contain the issue which leads many young girls to drop out of school.

While some blame parents for not doing enough to protect their children, others blame it on ignorance about reproductive health services.

Mbasinga Anet attributes that unwanted pregnancies among young girls to lack of proper parental guidance.

At school, children learn about reproductive health, whether in classes or in different clubs, but at home parents don’t have time to chat with their children to help them to know how to behave in the face of sexual temptations,” said Mbasinga Anet.

Most of the girls meet their boyfriends outside school because parents are always absent and busy, and they rarely talk to them about reproductive health, she said.

“The program is extended to all secondary schools where students (girls and boys) understand how to prevent Unwanted pregnancy among teenagers,” Safari Emile the Head of Program, said.

According to Mbasinga, parents should find time to chat with their children about sexual reproductive health because when they don’t do it children take regrettable decisions out of ignorance.

They are the ones to show children all the available options starting with integrity and continue to engage in providing information about consequence of unprotected sexual intercourse and get pregnant,” said Mbasinga.




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