About Us

Delight Rwanda’s primary mission is to bring out significant positive behavior change with values, knowledge, attitudes, and capacity building to the Rwandan community.

The organization focuses on creating the platform with communication strategies delivered to appropriate and well-targeted citizen’s challenges and problems through the various channels of communication.

Delight Rwanda Organization was founded in 2017 with the pillars of Behavior Change Communication; Good Governance and Accountability; Empowerment and Capacity building by providing relevant sustainable development skills.

All the efforts are directed towards the amelioration of the contemporary social problems such as poverty, unemployment, rural-urban migration, low levels of education, the socio-economic inequalities, including low levels of financial income.

We highly support in preventing Human trafficking in Rwanda through the project of WICECEKA (Don’t keep quiet); Unwanted pregnancy prevention through the TURIKUMWE project (We are together); Education and Child’s right promotion through the Children’s Angle project.

Delight Rwanda has developed a comprehensive implementation plan and goals of project activities to each step of the way of the outcome of our program.  The sustainable projects plan intends to help the community to improve their living conditions to the long-term financial income

Our Vision

Inspire a bright and resilient generation for sustainable development.

Our Mission

To Unlock capabilities of vulnerable community through practical action and behavior change
communication to support and accelerate goals of sustainable economic development.


The Key Elements of the Delight Rwanda approach is an interactive process with tailored messages by using a variety of communication channels that lead to positive behavior change; increase skills; outreach and feedback from beneficiaries’ development.

Our Values

Social Equity: Prioritising the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people

Innovation: Being willing to explore and test new approaches

Accountability: We are answerable to our stakeholders

EfficiencyWe are predisposed to action and averse to bureaucracy

Evidence-Based: Evaluating our work and building a global evidence base


Improving the livelihood of the Rwandan communities


We are honest and transparent in our dealings.  We are committed to objectively assessing our results