Rwanda Community Modern Fruits (RCMF)

April 22, 2020 by in Awareness

During the last decades, Rwanda has impressively achieved a lot in poverty reduction, and agriculture sector played an important role. To continue in this effort to eradicate poverty and hunger, Delight Rwanda in 2019 conducted baseline survey of its project “Rwanda Community Modern Fruits (RCMF)” conducted from Districts of Kayonza, Bugesera and Rulindo, the farmers are not participating in fruits agriculture as cash crop production due to the luck of awareness campaign.

The main objective of the baseline survey is to provide timely, accurate, credible and comprehensive fruits agricultural information and look about challenges that farmers face, land use management and to learn about the long-lasting solution. The question is why do Rwandan business men and women still import fruits from neighboring countries?

The baseline survey is the only way that could regularly provide timely and credible information before supporting them to process various fruits tress for agriculture development in Rwanda. The baseline survey results showed that most of the Agricultural Operators are not aware about the fruits tree treatment and then operators are the individual farmers. Our special input is to support and increase the productivity of fruits in Rwanda and encourage youths to join fruits farming in association.

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