Citizen Engagement and good governance

Good governance signifies open, inclusive, accountable, and effective citizen participation, Delight Rwanda has geared the active promotion of good governance as the key strategic objective of the socio-development agenda. Poor governance has opposite characteristics and is at the heart of corruption. Following the baseline study on good governance and accountability entails importance of promoting good governance and fighting corruption, and have been implementing good governance and anticorruption reforms.


However, the effectiveness of good governance and anticorruption programs needs improvement, Delight Rwanda has developed policy that engaging citizens and civil society complement to government efforts to promote good governance. This is driving a growing movement for the Organization to call for greater citizen participation in the design and implementation of public policies and programs.


Citizen engagement is being increasingly used to curb corruption in a variety of development programs such as service delivery, public financial management, natural resources management, as well as to hold public officials accountable through programs such as assets and liabilities disclosure and monitoring, citizen report cards, and public interest litigation.


An informed citizenry is essential for citizen engagement. It is necessary to provide citizens with balanced and objective information to assist them in understanding the problem, alternatives, opportunities, and solutions.