Children’s Angle


Children’s Angle is initiated to help young people to take part in solving their challenges by providing basic knowledge and relevant skills that lead them to self-reliance. The project was implemented in High schools with the focus of increasing Public speaking skills; Leadership skills practice, Research and analysis techniques, Self-confidence and self-reliance mindset.

In the line of promoting behavior change and youths’ development access, we work hand in hand with the Rwanda Basic Education Board and the Ministry of Education in enhancing high-quality education. The project has had a significant impact on our beneficiaries where we trained school mentors to support students in research development and take part in the behavior change communication championship.

Engaging students with leadership skills and self-campaign is a concrete way to drive results that include and produce better outcomes, especially for most youth communities, address disparities, or create belonging. To solve issues of leadership and research those impacted must be included in the solution as well.

Just as important and empowering is acquiring a critical multidisciplinary lens of different cultures which allows individuals to adapt to new settings and work effectively in diverse teams. Understanding the history of one’s background will help us strengthen our understanding of diversity and equity, and inevitably, help us improve our communities.