Rwanda Women Access to Finance

Delight Rwanda is much concerned of supporting the Government of Rwanda initiative of gender promotion and their rights protection. On several occasions, Delight Rwanda has supported women with financial access through its project of Rwanda Women Access to Finance. Delight Rwanda is committed to work towards the reduction of women and Girl’s poverty.

Due to lack of sufficient technical knowledge, many women launch their business projects with no prior feasibility studies or cost-benefit analysis; this prevents them from discovering the sectors where their investment will be profitable and career activities.

Improving urban and rural women’s access to financial services is a proven strategy of Delight Rwanda for contributing to urban and rural women’s social and economic empowerment, as well as improving overall the livelihoods of rural households and communities.

Having access to financial services allows rural women to procure the inputs, labor, and equipment they need for their business and agricultural or rural off-farm activities. Delight Rwanda assists the women to get funds that enabled them to take better care of their children, as they spend most of their income and savings on their children’s education, nutrition, and health.

The Rwanda Women Access to Finance has improved women’s access to financial services and providing basic knowledge in terms of successful practices that would allow women to fully benefit from access to these services.