Empower Youth

The motivating young generation of global entrepreneurs has facilitated economic growth driven by them. Delight Rwanda intervened with a capstone of entrepreneurship scope and opportunities for youth in Rwanda and abroad, analyze the needs and challenges of youth entrepreneurship as viewed from the lens of a private company, and recommend policies and public investments that are needed to facilitate an entrepreneurial-led economic development strategy.

Delight Rwanda motivated Rwandan younger people with a framework of the awareness campaign and capacity building through “Engaging African Youth entrepreneurship for Social and Development Transformation”. The project has the purpose of providing vocational and technical knowledge and financial support for young successful projects.

The project intended to impact the young people with self-employment spirit, good governance experience, less involvement in risky behaviors such as drug use and juvenile delinquency, improvements in teamwork spirit, critical thinking, decision-making, increased self-esteem, improved self-identity, and dependability.

The program undertakes capacity building programmes focusing on strengthening young local film makers’ professionals with innovative skills and equipping them with information which enable them to compete effectively in the local and international film environments.