We Are On :
KG 18 AVE, Remera, Gasabo, Kigali, Rwanda
We Are On :
KG 18 AVE, Remera, Gasabo, Kigali, Rwanda
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Break Human Trafficking Chain

The project has been initiated to support the community to understand the reality of human trafficking and set strategies for preventive measures.

Premier Young Leaders

The project aims to shape high school students with a framework of leadership skills, research ability, and public speaking training.

Socio-Economic Empowerment

Investing in women and youths creates a ripple effect of intergenerational benefits for families, communities, and the country.


Delight Rwanda, while implementing its programs/projects as a first step, undertakes community mobilization to raise awareness on social behavior change and empower girls/women and youth with advanced skills training and economic development.

Behavior Change Communication

BCC program undertakes community campaign raising on social protection, gender-related issues, and socio-economic development.

Youth Capacity Building

Delight Rwanda’s long-term youth entrepreneurship goals are embedded in a strategy of transforming youth from job seekers to job creators.

Women Economic Empowerment

Delight Rwanda has initiated projects advocating women and providing financial support in farming, and vocational and technical training.

Young Leaders Training

Premier Leaders project shapes high school students with a framework of leadership skills, research ability, and public speaking training.


You have the Power to Bring Happiness

Delight Rwanda is a staunch believer in efficient service delivery for women's promotion, youth capacity building, child protection, and behavior change communication.

Pledged So Far

Target: $50,000.00

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Causes we care about

We have built a reputation that honors the legacy of our organization through a commitment to professionalism in the public service, and innovative technical training and behavior change communication. This approach had a significant impact on our beneficiaries and the country.

Rwanda Women Access to Finance - RWAF

Rwanda Women Access to Finance project has made a significant financial improvement for our beneficiaries, where now they are dedicated to ensuring the future of economically empowered women.…

So Far
Goal$ 7800
Raised$ 1953

Community Action Against Human Trafficking – CAAHT

CAAHT project focuses on community awareness and sensitization programs through media, community meetings, schools, churches, local leaders, empower and rehabilitate the trafficked victims.…

So Far
Goal$ 90,000
Raised$ 2410

Friends of Children

The project takes care of babies of teen mothers to afford school facilities, good nutrition, technical and vocational training for their parents or guardians and the psychological counselling support for the both parents..…

So Far
Goal$ 150,000
Raised$ 5300

Safe toilets for people with disabilities

Access to convenient and comfortable toilet facilities remains a significant challenge for people with disability of various forms of physical disability.We support them with special toilets designed for them.…

So Far
Goal$ 95,000
Raised$ 7115

Premier Young Leaders

Supporting young people with leadership skills is one of the responses on socio-economic levels. Premier Leaders project shapes high school students with a framework of leadership skills, research ability, and public speaking training.…

So Far
Goal$ 95,000
Raised$ 4550

Homeless Children Care

Delight Rwanda has started a Homeless Children care project to support them to access daily basic needs like catering food, clean drinking water, health care services, toilets, bath facilities, accommodation, mentorship, and take them back to school.…

So Far
Goal$ 95,000
Raised$ 500

We have a Goal

Our Mission & Vision

Delight Rwanda's MissionOur Mission

To unlock the capabilities of vulnerable women and youth for practical action and positive behavior change

Delight Rwanda's VisionOur Vision

Inspire a bright and resilient generation for sustainable socio-economic development.

Our ApproachHelp the Many People in Need.

The approach is not limited to a particular function or sector of work; it should guide all Delight Rwanda staff and partners in our Community-based Approach. Delight Rwanda requires all employees, interns and volunteers to ensure the safety and well-being of all beneficiaries with whom they come in contact. All Delight Rwanda’s beneficiaries deserve respect as a human being and must be protected from all types of abuse including but not limited to physical, sexual, and emotional. Delight Rwanda believes in providing fair opportunity to all individuals. It is also strictly forbidden for employees, interns or volunteers to take any action against any individual, whether a fellow employee, intern, volunteer or a beneficiary or partner organization based on any of those categories.

Top Management

Board of Directors

We remain firmly committed to the continuous improvement of Delight Rwanda’s strong and effective governance standards. In fulfilling our role, we foster our organization's environment built on integrity and provide management with guidance in pursuit of our shared goal and maximizing long-term programs.


Vice President

Dr. Sylvie IRAKIZA

Secretary & Youth Representative

Esperance WIHOGORA


We do it for

People in need

Our Children Deserve the Best

Join Delight Rwanda support of three hens per child in order to eat at least one egg per day and modern papayas and vegetable farming as part of combating malnutrition.

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People with Disability

Help at least one person with a disability to construct and install convenient and comfortable special toilet facilities designed for people with disabilities.

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Empowered women, Empowered Family

Supporting women's financial literacy and empowerment is to invest in their families and help boost their business development. Join us today and help their future.

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Premier Young Leaders Competition

Premier Young Leaders is a five-year (5) project that aims to transform secondary school students with leadership skills, research ability,...

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Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Prevention in Secondary Schools

The Community Action Against Human Trafficking Project has been initiated to support the community in understanding the reality of human trafficking,...

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Teen Mothers Empowerment and their Babies Welfare

A lot of babies in Rwanda are ‘one parent families’ and more than once the mother is still a teenager, without any education or job....

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