Behavior Change Communication

The BCC program has played a significant role in encouraging young people to take part in
socio-economic transformation. We engage in with all forms of communication channels like public talks, dialogue, conferences, summits, seminars, local and international media, and online campaigns.

Youth Empowerment

Delight Rwanda’s long-term youth entrepreneurship goals are embedded in a strategy of
transforming African youth from job seekers to job creators in technological, technical,
agricultural, knowledge-based, and service-oriented economies to financial income status.

Empower Women and Girls

In the line of Women and Girls socially and economically empowered, Delight Rwanda has
initiated projects advocating them and providing financial support through women access to
finance projects, farming, vocational and technical training.

Child Protection

Delight Rwanda and our partners are working tirelessly to improve the well-being of children and create a protective environment that enables children to be cared for and protected within their families and their communities.

Recent Projects

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